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Anger in Depression

Anger and hostility and mental illness

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Values are what bring distinction to your life, anger and hostility and mental illness. Verified by Psychology Today, anger and hostility and mental illness. See previous post Last week, in North Carolina, Robert Stewart opened fire at a nursing home, killing seven very elderly residents and a nurse. Police speculated that the forty-five-year-old Stewart, who did not commit suicide and is currently in custody, targeted the facility because his estranged wife once worked there.

And just today, a forty-two-year-old gunman with a high-powered rifle killed thirteen victims, critically wounded four, and took at least forty-one people hostage in Binghamton, New York before finally shooting himself.

This is a serious omission, demanding immediate attention. It is a classic anger disorder. And this is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. By definition, in Intermittent Explosive Anger and hostility and mental illness"the degree of aggressiveness expressed during an episode is grossly out of proportion to any provocation or precipitating psychosocial stressor.

But a difference is that some reportedly have no prior history of aggressive episodes. Typically the perpetrator, often described by friends, family and co-workers as passive, polite and quiet, is triggered by anger and hostility and mental illness insult, rejection or stressful event, running amok see my previous post on a vengeful rampage to restore honor or repay the injury to his fragile ego.

Some cynically and nihilistically seek recognition, attention, infamy. But, in any case, their violence is a gross overreaction, a devastating nuclear detonation of pent-up aggression, anger and rage. I believe we are seeing a similar pattern in most of the other diagnoses traditionally applied to such angry, aggressive, violent individuals. Oppositional and Conduct Disorder are manifestations of underlying rage. The depressed, irritable mood and often furious manic behavior of Bipolar Disorder have deep roots in unconscious anger and resentment, as do the hostility, temper tantrums, rage and aggressive acting out in Antisocial, Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Indeed, I tend to consider all these diagnoses variations of anger disorder, and believe it is crucial to explicitly recognize them as such. What is an anger disorder? Anger disorders describe pathologically aggressive, violent or self-destructive behaviors symptomatic of and driven by an underlying and chronically repressed anger or rage. Elementary math and science lesson plans disorders result primarily from the long-term mismanagement of angera process in which normal, existential anger grows insidiously over time into resentment, bitterness, hatred and destructive rage.

But, for the most part, anger disorders cannot be blamed on bad neurology, genes or biochemistry. They arise from a failure to recognize and consciously address anger as it arises, before it becomes pathological and dangerous, starting in childhood. Who is to blame for this failure? To the extent our society condemns and denigrates the affect of anger as negative, worthless or evil, ignoring and denying its positive potentialities, we are partly responsible for the subsequent carnage.

To the extent mental health professionals continue to avoid confronting anger head on in our patients, choosing instead to try to drug, behaviorally modify or cognitively rationalize anger away, we clinicians too are compounding the problem. How can we better deal with anger disorders and many other anger-related mental disorders? First we must acknowledge that some anger is a valid, necessary, appropriate and unavoidable human emotion.

It is not a anger and hostility and mental illness of whether we experience anger as much as how we deal with it. While it is true that our habitually held irrational or eye twitching and vitamin def beliefs citalopram and memory boost expectations about life can cause us to feel unnecessarily frustrated and angry at times, as Albert Ellis illustrates in his Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy REBTpeople will always have to reckon with their own anger.

Anger is an existential given. An archetypal human emotion. Chronic repression or suppression of anger is counterproductive and, ultimately, futile and dangerous. This is why we as a culture need to encourage the acceptance of anger as a natural phenomenon, and teach children, adolescents and young adults how to manage and express it more constructively.

The same holds true, especially so, for patients suffering and inflicting suffering on those around them from mental disorders stemming directly or indirectly from repressed resentment, anger or rage. The underlying anger must be consciously acknowledged, accepted, understood and its indestructibly dynamic energy redirected into some positive or creative activity. Our anger is here to stay.

The only real question is what we do with it. Clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Stephen Diamond is the author of Anger, Madness, and the Daimonic: And even better if it could come to pass that best practices dictated addressing the anger and how to better handle it rather than snowing patients with medication?

Is she possibly doing drugs? Counseling would help with developing a plan for the immediate situation and then one for further in the future. Hope my comments have helped. His violence has destroyed our family The only way to shut down odd rage and destructive and physical violence is to call anger and hostility and mental illness. This stops him temporarily.

I wonder if he realizes that on some level he is desperately. He began hitting his twin sister at age4yr the root of his problems is the fact that he is gay. He has perceived rejection from his dad and hurt rage and physical violence also towards Jennifer his twin sister. Everyone else is at fault for his problems and the devi stating negative consequences of his choices, anger and hostility and mental illness.

His sister continually has chosen meth by needle and men vwho are also odd violent and physically rageful to her. What ever we do we are going to as parents and a society try to identity the root cause in early adolescent time frame I am sick and tired of the anger and hostility and mental illness medication!!!! They are not given any motivation blood pressure monitoring and cuff placement heal and own and learn to love accept themselves.

They fall into an abyiss of addiction and destruction of others and themselves. I feel alone and completely devastated just like the whole family including Ryan feels. Have you really been able to talk with this person. Ask them what they need in life to be able to heal from what causes them these feelings? Do you deny their feelings? Dismiss them as petty? Or do you truly hear, understand and help find them ways to get away from what pains them? Feeling trapped, unheard and uncared for is no way to feel.

Has her father been in her life emotionally? How close is she with her father? Does her father have a good relationship with his father? Was she ever let down as a child? Did her father protect her as a child? I cannot believe the things I say or do to my family sometimes I am 46 years old and have been a complete asshole my entire adult life! What is wrong with me? A lot of violence is not caused by anger, but by a LACK of emotion.

Narcissists or sociopaths, or whatever other label assigned to many serial killers are not angry at all. They simply do not have the same capacity to feel at all, about anything. Many cases of violence are anger induced. But this blog could give the false impression to people reading it that all or even most violence is caused by anger. Also, people assume anger causes violence, because in normal people, it probably is the cause of mild aggression.

The motives are way different. Actually Nathan, I believe almost all acts of violence are anger-related, and discuss this at length in my book Anger, Madness, and the Daimonic. What you refer to as a lack of emotion in certain personality disorders and other Axis anger and hostility and mental illness diagnoses is in reality the result of chronic repression of what I call the "daimonic. But I would not discount the powerful role their burning hatred of the United States and western civilization plays in motivating their evil deeds, anger and hostility and mental illness.

You might want to have a look at my previous postings on Messiahs of Evil. Finally, yes, serial killers are not normal people. They are extremely angry, hostile individuals who unconsciously act out their rage in various perverse and evil ways. This happens all the time, unfortunately. In general, I think your comments, which I appreciate, illustrate the problem I am trying to point out: Even members of the mental health community tend to downplay and deny the central role of anger or rage in both psychopathology and violence.

I think that you might want to psycho analyse yourself because you seen over confident and have ego issues as your opinions are based off your own very biased assumptions and when being explained how some people function you totally ignore that they are anger and hostility and mental illness and enforce that people must believe your views that are not scientific at all and based of your assumptions and ideas of how people work. I suggest that maybe you look it up and study it along with more mental biological science, anger and hostility and mental illness.

It would be anger and hostility and mental illness than looking like an uneducated egomaniac that has to be correct about everything. As one of the earlier creators, and educators of others in the art of Anger Management, and years of experience, I have found the best indicators of an "anger disorder" are frequency of anger, duration of "feeling and acting angry", and intensity of anger on a scale of 1 mildly upset to 10 rage.

The best anger management programs combine cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal strategies, with learning how to relax and learning to use anger as a cue that it is time to relax, anger and hostility and mental illness, and taking time outs-skills that anger and hostility and mental illness taught quickly, as they prevent the situation from "exploding. Thanks for joining the conversation and for your well-known anger and hostility and mental illness to the treatment of anger disorder and anger management.

I agree with the diagnostic indicators you mentioned. But, as noted in my post, there are many perpetrators of mass murder who reportedly were never perceived to be angry people at all, which makes their anger disorder difficult to diagnose before the explosion occurs.

Not appearing angry or even consciously feeling angry does not necessarily mean one is not angry, however. Denial and dissociation are extremely powerful defense mechanisms, and a well-constructed persona such as Dr.

As regards anger management, the techniques you mentioned can certainly be helpful. Indeed, I fear that such techniques themselves can be used to further suppress the daimonic, making an eventual explosion all the more likely. My psychiatrists hitherto have always left me with the feeling that my aggression and anger has to do only with suppressed childhood sadness, and perhaps that theory applies to some but in my case it only furthered my concealed anger to the point where I quit therapy and lost all trust in psychiatric therapy.

I know that this an old post but I hope others come across it and find hope or at least not left feeling alone or weird. Thank you for speaking openly Mr.


Anger and hostility and mental illness