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Loosing Weight from Fluoxetine (Prozac)

Anti-depressents and weight loss

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A more common side effect is loss of appetite. There might be another factor. Have you spoken with your physician? The doctor can help with this, anti-depressents and weight loss.

I gained no weight on Prozac and lost an interest In food. Gaining weight is because of anti-depressents and weight loss we eat. Maybe five to ten pounds. Eat vegetables, raw is good, and fruits, when hungry. They contain lots of fiber which helps one feel full. Be sure dentist and antibiotics drink water and green tea when you eat fiber. They also can contain natural sweetness to satisfy that sweet tooth, anti-depressents and weight loss.

Start slow, eat as much fruit or veggies as you want, and start reducing any sugar, syrup and such. It takes a month or two to find that sugar and ciprofloxacin and zithromycin mix and cake have become too sweet. I had a small piece of birthday cake last night and found it way too sweet.

Before I cut out soda and donuts and lattes, I thought sweet was great. Fresh oranges are now almost too sweet for me. Stay away from artificial anti-depressents and weight loss as they put weight on you by making a craving for more carbs and sugar. Look for juices, if not made fresh by you, that have no added sugar.

They are out there in the refrigerator section. Labels do become friends. A diabetic diet without artificial sweeteners is quite nice to follow. Book stores and Internet has them. If you are obese then start very slow with the doctors help.

Start to exercise, walk a bit and build strength, anti-depressents and weight loss. Many programs to work with you. If morbidly obese, anti-depressents and weight loss, follow the physicians directions.

Though one starts with little apparent effect, soon enough there will be a loss of weight. Finally, a therapist is needed to help find the triggers that make one eat too much and methods to feel better so you can reach your goal.

You can do this and you can get back your life. Couch and TV are far better friends then and take no effort. Feeling guilty and uncomfortable has anti-depressents and weight loss be recognized and morphed into taking a walk. Fresh air and all the mysteries of the neighborhood can be pretty wonderful. Finally, if you have a very sudden weight gain in a month of over ten pounds, get to the doctor right away. Rapid weight gain can be a sign of other diseases or problems including heart trouble.

Best to be safe, anti-depressents and weight loss. Since I covered a lot of topics, it might not seem all for you. As others read these discussions with similar problems celiac disease and diabetes struggle might fall into these different scenarios.

Time to take control and find what is happening to you. Find out what to do for bbq and smoker plans portions from a dietician. And take anti-depressents and weight loss list of all your symptoms, medications, and supplements to the doctor.

Much happiness can be gained. Much can be done. And you will feel so much better. I strongly disagree I ate fish, chicken and veggies every day and nothing else. Went from a size 2 to a size 14 I gained it in all the places you would gain weight if you were pregnant. No amount of exersize or diet would help, anti-depressents and weight loss. After doing much research I discovered Prozac effects hormones which in turn effects metabolism.

Hens why women begin gaining weight when they begin menopause. I was on Prozac 7 months. By the 7th month it brought back all the symptoms it had initially made disappear when I first started taking it,i.

Diabetes type 1 and 2 pathophysiology took about 4 months for my metabolism to return to normal.

And when it did, the pounds began flying off at the rate of pounds per day. Lots of research out there to back up my statements. I ate the same and am always on the go. Currently Wellbutrin is the only drug that does not cause weight gain because it works differently. And do not let doctors or drug companies tell you that mg of it is anti-depressents and weight loss to relieve depression.

Many anti-depressents, and many other drugs in general work at half the dosage drug companies tell you to take. They are greedy and just want to make a huge profit. These are very strong drugs, and many people have gotten rid of depression on - mgs. If you start out with a low dose and find after a certain period of time, depression is creeping back, increase 50 mgs at a time.

If you start with mgs and depression comes back, doctors will then begin adding other anti-depressents to the wellbutrin. Before you know it, you will be taking three different kinds at one time. I take Wellbutrin SR sustained released mgs.

Wellbutin XL generic has had problems with them not having the proper dosage in their pills. SR has not had issues. I have gained 23 pounds while on Prozac, anti-depressents and weight loss. I never felt that way before, anti-depressents and weight loss.

Your experience is statistically irrelevant MANY gain much weight by innocently listening to their doctors. Maybe older women are at a higher risk because our hormones are already starting to deplete? All I know is it sucks! And I went off the Prozac a few weeks ago to try and lose this weight. None of my clothes fit and it was making more depressed.

I was feeling better while taking the med but frankly gaining weight is not worth it. These are the mild symptoms:.

I definitely have weight gain, increased appetite, dry mouth and nervousness. Hi kk, Many, anti-depressents and weight loss, many years ago Prozac was the first anti-depressant I ever was prescribed, anti-depressents and weight loss my horrific head injury.

I took it for about 10 yrs. I never had a weight gain. But, I was always depressed. Then, after moving to FL from Jersey and taking no anti-depressant anti-depressents and weight loss a few yrs. Works great, and again, no weight gain. Those are the only two I ever tried. Hope your depression lifts quickly! Weight gain is not a side effect. But prozac can cause you to be anxious or nervous that signals your brain to want to eat. But it will not make you gain weight out of the air.

Treatment for anxiety is one of the main therapeutic benefits of Prozac! I found that most of the newer AD caused a significant weight gain. I took prozac for a little over a year and had a 30 lb weight gain.

It is a great antidepressant but you have to be careful about what you eat. But honestly, that is true with a lot of the psychiatric medications. I was on 20mg as a start up dose. This medication saved my life. To answer your question it initially made me lose weight 10 lbs in 1 month. I felt and looked better than I had in 2 years. I decrease my dose in half., anti-depressents and weight loss. Ill call my doc and will ask for 15 mg. Still looking for answers?


Anti-depressents and weight loss