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Chronic Rhinitis and Post-Nasal Drip (Symptoms, Treatment)

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Antihistamine and astelin

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Allergist ordered AstelinInsurance would not pay. Int Med said to stop Flonase. Can not control sinus congestion, runny nose. Or mucous at back of throat. No known food allergies. Took trip through Pacific Northwest, came off plane in a wheelchair, unable to walk. Non smoker x 10 months.

I have been on flonase and astelin since all of this started out of the blue last labor day. With the help of my allergist I antihistamine and astelin found that astelin 1 spray each nostril once a day works best for me along with Ocean nasal spray all day long whenever I get stuffy We found that I was on way to many meds, for my system, the flonase kept me congested all day everyday for the entire year, antihistamine and astelin.

Wheezing and coughing could be an allergic condition of your lungs such as asthma, ask your doctor about that, to see if they hear wheezing when they listen to your lungs. See another ENT, ask them if you need antihistamine and astelin or different allergy medicines.

Since this has been ocurring off-and-on for several years, sometimes for days or weeks at antihistamine and astelin time So far, my medical practioners have been divided and non-commital. Allegra seems to work better for me. I also had congestion and was prescribed flonase which helped but I occasionally still got congested. My main problem is post nasal drip. The mucus feels like its just stuck in the back of my throat and makes me sick to my stomach. Feeling rundown and tired and want to get over this.

Any advice would be appreciated. I started taking flonase again, but I am not sure if it is safe to take every couple of weeks. ANy ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated! Is there any help for me out there who do I turn to now? What type of Dr might have some advice. Two surgeries have not been effective for long; neither has treatment with inhaled steroids Flonaseinhaled antihistamine Astelina leukotriene modulator Singulair and a proton inhibitor.

A recent sinus scan showed a return of disease ethmoids completely opaquewhich I expect to worsen once the winter viruses set in. Surgery is no longer considered an option; if it gets to that point again, the only treatment will be a course of oral steroids, which provide only temporary relief.

I am on Flonasea steroidal spray, Astelinan antihistamine and saline flushes. I flush my sinuses to rid them of the mucous that accumulates in them. I also take allergy medications. Singulair and Claritin which has also helped, antihistamine and astelin. Again, I would see your doc about antihistamine and astelin problems so that you can get the right treatment and finally feel better!

Occasionally took Claritin because of tickle in throat but nothing serious. Every Spring for about the past 10 years, I have developed symptoms associated with seasonal allergies Within a couple of weeks of developing symptoms, I invariably develop a sinus infection, and I spend my whole Spring in misery. It starts every March, ends sometime in June, antihistamine and astelin. An allergist performed a skin test about 4 years ago and it came back negative.

Flonase nasal spray several weeks along with Albuterol Phase Two: Added Astelin nasal spray and double Protonix dosage 10 days Testing: Cholesterol and simvastatin Swallow So, nothing is helping and the sensations are very troubling.

Oh, I take Zyrtec as well. Once the doc found the right combination, I did so much better in the asthma department, prior to that, I had horrible exacerbations and even wound up hospitalized frequently. Now, I rarely use my rescue nebulizer Xopenex Flonase ,Zyrtec, astelinand atravent? Is there any hope for stuff to come antihistamine and astelin my nose again?

What could be going on. I have been taking Flonase and Singulair for over a year. Recently, I was put on Allegra D and I just finished my antihistamine and astelin doxycycline prescription. I have dogs, but my allergies seem to worsen at work or when I do heavy cleaning and dusting. I keep a clean house. I use a HEPA fan at work cervical cancer and menopause home. Every one showed elevated eosinophils between 7.

Is there antihistamine and astelin that could antihistamine and astelin these ailments together? I have looked into churg strauss syndrome. Do you think this could be what is going on? However, some people with allergies feel completely miserable, with poor sleep and severe daytime fatigue, antihistamine and astelin. Other possible causes could include tension type headaches, migraine headaches, or cervicogenic headaches headaches due to neck arthritis or muscle tension. Effexor is an antidepressant medication and maybe useful if you suffer from depression or anxiety.

In patients with chronic headaches, treatment of underlying depression or anxiety is often helpful in improving the headache. The symptoms usually reduce a by the afternoon. However, if I sleep a full hours, I get the symptoms. I find this strange! I have had postnasal drip for 7 years. Now she says caps and more surgery is my next option.

I decided to try nasal irrigation, antihistamine and astelin. I used a baby aspirator and did it exactly as shown on a website. When I pumped the solution into my one nostril, it did not come out the other side as the website said it should.

Am I doing something wrong? Also, how long does it usually take to see results? Could it really be a bacteria that infants carry?

The stress of having kids? Not getting enough sleep? Changes in nasal and sinus anatomy from persistent trouble? Off the top of my head nasonex, rhinocort, astelinnasaril, zyrtec, cingulair, entex, claritin and D, histex, prednisone 4 inflammation in my ears and sinusesflonase, chlorpheniramine, atarax, phenylephrine My head always feels heavy and I always feel tired and fatigued.

None of them really gave relief. For my eyes I have taken lastacaft, maxitrol and tobradex ointment. The lastacaft helped a little but did not decrease the swelling just the itchiness and prevented any kind of tearing while the maxitrol and tobradex did not do well and my eyes did not respond to them as well either.

My Symptoms are as follows: About 2 or 3 days per week, I wake up with a dull pressure-headache in my forehead, fullness in my eustachian tube, a slight nasal antihistamine and astelin, a feeling of malaise, very dry mouth, and scratchy throat. The symptoms usually reduce a lot by the afternoon. However, if I sleep a full 8 hours, I invariably get the symptoms. Synthroid mcg Singular 10 mg Zyprexa. I gained antihistamine and astelin pounds from the synthroid, and have put on twenty more pounds after thatů I have severe sugar and salt cravings before my period, but not all the time.

None of them seemed to work for me with the exception of Claritan-D, a 24hr pill that I take daily, which helps slightly. Recently, antihistamine and astelin, I was considering doing allergy shots but before starting them I decided to see an ENT Dr to get his opinion on if I should or not and he told me no. Flonase long term use.

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Antihistamine and astelin