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Asthma and coughing up phlem

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I am 47 and had Asthma all my life but this last two years I have been on my nebuliser more than off it and this summer is not much better. Doctors are reactive and not pro-active I feel when I am poorly. I refuse to see my "Asthma Nurse" as she asks me what I think is best to treat me!! Steroids tend to flood down my throat in the damp months and I feel really low in myself as I just have so many months of feeling so ill and all I wish for is a good day where I can wake up feeling normal.

So my question is, do asthma and coughing up phlem of you out there understand my issue? I am exactly the same. I have had it most of my life. I am still having problems. I am on Seretide prefer Flixotide and serevent separately also on Montelukast and have a neb at home with salbutamol nebs and Ipratropium Bromide nebs too I am on steroids ever month for at least a week asthma and coughing up phlem which I hate as I get a lot of bruising and eat so much, so put on more weight I wish I knew how to keep the phlegm out.

I feel sometimes my consultant is just going through the motions. One thing I tried a few years ago It was called Mucodyne and it was taken three times a day and it really liquidised the mucus and made it so much easier to cough up!

I am on a mission to try it again and I will keep on till I do. I saw a physiotherapist a couple of years ago and she gave me a "Flutter" and this is an inhaler looking device that has a massive ballbearing in it and it vibrates on your chest to release the mucus, asthma and coughing up phlem. However my Mum bought me a saltpipe online last year and that definitely helps releasing the mucus for sure and its all natural.

Just not convinced I am on enough treatment to help me but I am making an apt to see my GP in the next fortnight ready for the onset of Autumn and the damp weather that makes me so poorly.

I have a lot of problems with sinuses etc. I too find mornings difficult. I get up early for work 4am!!. I have still to visit that darn salt cave!

I am now on 5mg of prednisolone very day again I think it should be more. I have yet cyclophosphamide and lupus chest infection. Glad to hear your feeling better. I think you can get it in Amazon.

I think the problem with these things is that they have bad side effects so Docs are wary of prescribing. I would go to your physio again and try the flutter under their supervision, asthma and coughing up phlem. It should work and can work really well. Also try inhaling steam to loosen the mucus and then using breathing exercises or the flutter to move it. In fact some one said use your ventolin inhaler, then nhale steam and then cough up phlegm.

Take a big breath in as far as you can - then suck more air in, asthma and coughing up phlem. Hold for a few seconds. Blow breath rapidly out. Do this about 5 times each time reapeated 3 times a day and this should bring the phlegm up. Your physio will be able to show you this exercise too. There are lots of videos on youtube and such like showing breathing exercises to bring up the phlegm.

Hope you manage to get relief, asthma and coughing up phlem. I,ve learnt so much since joining this site. Its there if I need it and its been quite literally a life saver over the years having that at home, asthma and coughing up phlem. The salt pipe I bought from the saltpipe company online. Just Google Cisco Salt Pipe and it will come up, asthma and coughing up phlem.

I have the plastic one but my mum bought the Ceramic one and she uses it for her sinus issues and she swears by it for relief in the colder months. I totally understand asthma and coughing up phlem you say about Chest Infections! I am meant to have an emergency supply at home all the time. I have asthma and coughing up phlem the salt pipe from Amazon. I will try anything! When my asthma is really playing up I cough up bucket loads of the stuff so I do what I can to help me cough and get rid of it all.

The idea is to loosen everything so that you can cough productively and the things I find work best are, in no particular order:. An hour in a salt cave. And the coughing did its job properly, too. Coughing is all I do but when its hard to breathe it takes the stuffing out of me. See my above reply about the Salt Pipe as I think it is naturally beneficial and definitely relieves the inflammation.

Himy consultant prescribed me hypertonic saline via nebuliser, asthma and coughing up phlem, once per day, plus azithromycin daily. Although azithromycin is an antibiotic it helps reduce the mucous production. My mucous production has dropped dramatically since starting these five years ago. Thanks for the reply. Hypertonic Saline is different from normal saline I take it? Azithromycin is a strong antibiotic it is recommended as a result of research that has been done and is prescribed routinely at the regional severe asthma clinic that I attend.

It has certainly helped me. Just read your symptoms and mine seems to be very similar. Antihistimes are ok to "dampen down" all the bad stuff and they can help but Antibiotics should only be given when you are coughing up nasty coloured stuff. As above I would recommend the Cisco Salt Pipe as it reduces inflammation in the airways, throat and sinus congestion.

It helps me cough and release it all. And it is all Natural too! Have you asked to be seen by your Asthma Nurse? Are you on Preventer Inhalers? Try using a flutter valve everyday to get rid of phlegm - unfortunately you have to buy these yourself from internet. Made my life a lot better, combined with exercise. Have had significant decrease in use of antibiotics and less leepless nights. I have problems also with phlegm and asthma.

Like Northern soul my consultant prescribed Azithromycin which I bone and joint cancer been taking for over 2yrs.

It has been absolutely fantastic for my asthma and chest infections. I also have Carbocisteine which is the same thing as the Mucodyne that you referred to in an earlier post So your GP is wrong!! As I do not have CF so it is certainly available for asthmatics.

I find that this is also great to dilute the phlegm and helps bring it up much easier development and validation of furosemide the standard physio techniques. The Carbocisteine really does not have any side effects either - it is not a harsh drug.

My advice would be to strongly insist on a consultant referral My consultant is great asthma and coughing up phlem has helped me much more than any well meaning GP!

Asthma and coughing up phlem is going to be requested and I am going to ask about trying Azithromycin when I get infections, asthma and coughing up phlem. This is great and thanks again. If there is not any infection then strictly avoid those thing including food and atmosphere which cause to attach of asthma. I do understand that you only take them IF you have an infection.

To be fair to your GP the Azithromycin I take is as a prophalytic All the the time in smaller dose to actually prevent the infection in the first place. I believe that this can only be initiated by a Resp consultant and not just by your GP. Hence my recommendation to get a referral to secondary care.

However I am pretty sure crest plan and trust your GP can prescribe the Carbocisteine It is used a asthma and coughing up phlem for people with Brinchiectasis aswell I believe You have to manage it, sounds simple but true, avoid temperature changes, work out what makes it worse.

Is it possible you have bronchiectasis? I had similar symptoms and a CT scan revealed I had mild central bronchiectasis, asthma and coughing up phlem. I have emergency antibiotics when phlegm is coloured for 14 days. I also use a flutter valve every night to clear phlegm and try to improve my cardio with exercise. Hi, how about cutting out dairy products. Milk and associated products asthma and coughing up phlem phlegm.

I cut out dairy as part of a diet I went on about 10 years ago and have never taken milk since.


Asthma and coughing up phlem