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Australian teacher resources and lesson plans

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This page contains resources and lesson plans for world religions and religious education, including links to sites of particular interest to Catholic educators. Try a Google custom search: World Religions Lesson Plans and Resources: See also World Religions and Curriculum Guide: World Religions and Spirituality for other teaching materials.

Religions of the World. Five lesson plans exploring the above question from Concept to Classroom. Discovering World Religions A 6th-grade unit plan. Rituals and Rites of Passage A 5th or 6th-grade lesson plan, australian teacher resources and lesson plans.

What Happens When We Die? A lesson plan from PBS for grades The Comparative Religions Page A long list of links to related sites. The Early Christians and Lesson 3: Making Sense of the Reformation in 1 Da y A 9th-grade lesson plan. What Are the Main Christian Denominations? See their lesson plans Vote or Veto: Ideas for Addressing Mormonism in the Classroom.

Lessons of the Indian Epics: Following the Dharma A lesson plan exploring the Ramayana, an epic poem which provides insights into many aspects of Indian culture and the Hindu concept of Dharma. Religions of the World: Islam A lesson plan for grades from Discovery Education. History, Society And Civilization. Lesson Plans Many lesson plans including What is Shariah?

Major Sources and Principles of Islamic Law. Islam Online Course An online course complete with tests, australian teacher resources and lesson plans. See also Five Pillars of Islam. Islam and the West An overview and suggestions for study from Teachable Moment. Guide to Islam A WebQuest. Inside a Mosque Wenquest. See also Islamic Scientific Contributions to Civilization for another 7th-grade activity. Islamic Foil Art This art activity, which is appropriate for many grade levels, may be just what you need for your multidisciplinary unit on Islam.

Blue Monday and Friends: Donn comparing Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Teaching about Buddhism Lesson plans from Alfred University. See also A Timeline of Church History. From Jesus to Christ: Christianity in the World A high school lesson plan designed tom introduce students to the history or Christianity.

The Rise of Christianity Eight high school lesson plans. Lesson Plan on the Crusades A 6th-grade lesson plan. Voices and Perspectives An internet-based secondary lesson plan and an assignment exploring different perspectives regarding the Crusades. See also Letters of Crusaders. Mali to Mecca Follow the 14th Century journey of Mansa Musa as he fulfills one of the comprehensive and measurable plan pillars of Islam by making the Hajj or holy pilgrimage to Mecca.

Galileo and the Inevitability of Ideas Another secondary lesson plan. See also The Gallileo Project. Ptolemy, Capernicus, australian teacher resources and lesson plans the Church A high school lesson plan designed for physics or world history.

Revolt and Redirection A 5th-grade lesson plan. For additional lesson plans and resources antibiotics and diverticulities this topic, go to my World History Page. The History of the Catholic Church in Latin America and Liberation Theology Though this collection of materials is labeled as a "unit," it does not contain complete lesson plans.

However, it does include substantial background information, a list of behavioral objectives, a set of australian teacher resources and lesson plans, vocabulary, suggested assignments, student projects, and a bibliography.

Therefore, the site could be quite useful to someone preparing to teach a unit on this topic. Religious Freedom and Democracy Readings and activities exploring the history of religious freedom. See also Historical Thinking Matters: For background information, see The Antievolution Crusade of the s, Clash of Cultures in the s: Church and State Separation: Mock International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia An online activity in which students investigate claims of genocide committed against Balkan Muslims.

Exploring the Middle East: See also Mapping the Middle East. Prospects for Peace in the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict A lesson plan from the above organization in which students design a peace plan to resolve the Middle East conflict.

Map and Background Info: California Missions from Different Perspectives An elementary-grade lesson plan in which "students explore the concept of a sacred place by looking at works of art representing sacred spaces and studying the California missions. History and Tradition A high school lesson plan in which students learn about the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Vatican Splendors Educator guides. The Art of the Sistine Chapel A lesson plan for grades See also Vatican City State.

See their other lesson plans. A Challenge of Our Time An interesting unit examining the morality of war and dissent within the historical context of the Vietnam war. It could easily be adapted for use with bontril and warfarin drug interaction school students. See also Moral Development and Gender for a discussion-based lesson plan featuring the ideas of Carol Gilligan.

The Mystery of the Undiscovered Values A 5th-grade unit which seeks to foster australian teacher resources and lesson plans development of values and personal integrity through the study of mystery and detective fiction, australian teacher resources and lesson plans.

What is a Value? A lesson plan from the Freeway Foundation. Planting the Seeds of Our Values: Historical Examples A lesson plan for grades from Learning to Give.

Go to their site for many K lessons combining academic content about philanthropy and skill development activities that engage students in giving and serving in their classrooms and communities.

Catholic Relief Services Social Teaching Lesson Plans Many lesson plans for all grade levels dealing with issues such as poverty, hunger, migration, and peace building.

Argument in an Athenian Jail: Socrates and the Law A lesson plan for grades analyzing the relationship between individual rights and the rule of law in contemporary society through the study of Socrates and the arguments he presents in the Crito, australian teacher resources and lesson plans. Working on WMD A high school discussion activity exploring the values conflict over nuclear weapons.

Critical Thinking with Fables Old and New A lesson plan for grades from Education World in which students think critically about the morals of a variety of fables. See also Live Wire Media for a nice selection of character education videos. See their many other lessons. A Note from Jesus From Resources for Catholic Educators, this junior or senior high school lesson plan allows students to reflect on a scripture passage and invites them to respond by writing a short prayer to Jesus.

Assumption of Mary - Mary as a Disciple A discussion-based activity. See also Mary is the Mother of Our Church. Our Lady of Guadalupe A 6th-grade lesson plan. Feast of Our Lady australian teacher resources and lesson plans Lourdes Lesson plan ideas for the high school level. Classroom Activities on Saints Several excellent suggestions. Mother Teresa A 4th-grade unit on Mother Teresa and humanitarian service. It is appropriate for kindergarten or preschool students.

Martin Luther King, australian teacher resources and lesson plans, Jr. A large collection of lesson plans and resources from my history page.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu A lesson plan complete with substantial background information. Muhammad, Islam, and the World: See also Gandhi Today for an excellent site with a great deal of information about Gandhi. Go to their Educational Resources page to search for other similar lessons. Nobel Prize Defined contribution plan and financial statements A reading and teaching activities on the Iranian human rights activist and her beliefs about Islam, democracy, and human rights.

Christmas Traditions Many lesson plans and resources from Mr. The Australian teacher resources and lesson plans Tree A 5th-grade lesson plan on the origin of the Christmas tree. Consumerism and Holidays An interesting lesson plan for grades examining the economic impact of holidays, including Christmas.


Australian teacher resources and lesson plans