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Today people with diabetes have many more ways than ever of staying linked up on diabetes blogs and social networking sites. Check out my picks for the seven best sites. A person with ejaculation and ditropan 1 diabetes developed in adulthood who holds nothing back.

Amy is on top of, and often times in front of, diabetes research news and device advances with a slant to managing type 1 diabetes. She tells it like it is with a sense of humor and injection blogs and forums about diabetes her fun personality, blogs and forums about diabetes. Tenderich often invites or interweaves the expertise of others with diabetes or diabetes health care professionals via guest blogs or interviews.

Blogs and forums about diabetes and Elizabeth Edelman gave birth to and now coddle the site with many contributing bloggers. Topics range from the basic what is diabetes to diabetes treatments, managing pregnancy complicated by diabetes, traveling and way more. Forum discussions extend to include opinions and reviews. Use the site to track your blood glucose levels.

Take advantage of the long list of resources. Manny Hernandez developed and orchestrates this multi-faceted online community. As a member, you receive discounts on certain diabetes-related products, have the option to join various sub-groups and discussions. Author Greenberg has had type 1 diabetes since childhood. Her passion for living a healthy lifestyle is as contagious as her writing, blogs and forums about diabetes, anecdotes and news-briefs are entertaining and informative.

Find info about this book on her website. Master ringleader of this community is Amy Tenderich, author of diabetesmine Features: This is a place for people with diabetes to connect and develop a sense of community to share and commiserate around all things diabetes from management to daily life challenges and triumphs.

Today the community is amazingly nearing at leastmembers! Kerri Morone Sparling Features: Initially thinking she was in this diabetes world alone, Sparling started researching bloated and lithium blogging to reach out and bond with those who also have type 1 diabetes.

Kerri is endearingly honest and open about her everyday personal experiences with her family, including her first child, a daughter. A valuble resource worth checking out is an A-Z list of fellow diabetes bloggers. Brandy Barnes, who has type 1 diabetes developed and maintains this site with the assistance of many diabetes sisters Features: This site is designed to provide comfort, support, information, news and opportunities for women with Diabetes.


Blogs and forums about diabetes