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Breast Cancer Body Odor

Cancer and body odor

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Which, granted, teaching is hard work, but I hardly break a sweat. Which actually is good- a year ago I could hardly even walk from my car to the classroom without sweating buckets. Any ideas, cancer and body odor, anyone have a good soap or deodorant they swear by or something I should be changing in my diet? I have heard that some protein powders and supplements cancer and body odor problems. People who do things like the Atkins diet often have cancer and body odor. Might ask your Dr for RX antiperspirant, I know of a few people who have had to use these because of excess perspiration.

Are you drinking lots of water? I am post menopausal too and on HRT but sweat like a pig at night. I thought it was the chemo coming out. Causes for this can sometimes merely be poor hygiene, but sometimes there is an actual medical cause for the unpleasant smell. Below are medical conditions and reasons that some people suffer from body odor. Hormonal Imbalance in Women: Kidney and Liver Disorders: Pericyazine- drug used for conditions such as heart problems, epilepsy, stroke, and even thyroid disease.

My daughter had to start using the clinical strength deoderants. They are a bit pricey, but it is the ONLY thing that will hold her. And I tried everything. I was so happy when someone told me about the clinical strengths.

She happens to use the secret sport clinical strength but they have others. Cotton absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, giving it breathability. Cotton also cancer and body odor a softer, more supple feel, making it less likely to irritate the skin. Cotton ventilates more and is what we call breathable, cancer and body odor. Traditionally, cotton has been the choice for allowing your body to breath, i. The content on this site is for informational purposes only.

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Skip to main content. Login to search all areas Not a member? Click here to search public areas. Forgot username or password? Log in or register to post comments. Just wondering if you have gone through menopause or are perimenopausal? Might also be a cause Just suggestions. You can try chorophyll. You can try chorophyll tablets from the health food store. They helped my husband years ago. Anonymous user not verified.

This comment has been removed by the Moderator. The term body odor is used. Topamax- used primarily for epilepsy and migraine headaches.

My daughter had to start. Cotton absorbs and releases perspiration quickly. Polyester does absorb sweat but has a sense of sweat smell from the shirt. Apr 07, cancer and body odor, - Jan Log in or register to post comments. Apr 07, - 8: Catherine Log in or register to post comments. Apr 07, - 7: Apr 08, - 9:


Cancer and body odor