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Catamaran plans and designs

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Details on the News Page, catamaran plans and designs. In the Raku range has been refreshed with new models and design features that give our customers a broad range of options in the arrangement, the build process and the equipping of the boat. In we introduce the Catamaran plans and designs Market to showcase the products and services of our Network Partners and provide our customers with ready access to the specialist skills and products it takes to make a modern high performance sailing catamaran.

Meet two of the team members here. In Multihull yachts were rapidly evolving in technology and design. Tony Grainger was living aboard his own trimaran at the time and established Grainger Designs in that year with a deeply held conviction there was plenty of work yet to be done.

His expertise encompases modeling, draughting, engineering and pretty much all aspects of the design process. See the full inventory here: See an article on Time Machine here: Lightning strikes on yachts are quite common, especially in the tropics. Catamaran plans and designs manufacturers make use of surfacing films with a metallic mesh to protect composite aircraft structures from lightning damage.

Recent ongoing research by Boeing has suggested that aircraft may benefit from electrically charging the aircraft body to protect agains lightning strikes. Here for the Gallery. Connect with the people, the products and the services that go into building and sailing a modern high performance multihull.

Here for the Partners Network. Discussion of topics related to design, construction, technology and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. Here for the LAB, catamaran plans and designs.

See the latest updates here. Pricing for the full range of Raku Kits is online now. See the Raku Range with prices for kits and plans here. High performance trailerable trimarans from Rocket Factory Trimarans. Our DuFLEX kit systems streamline the construction process for amateurs and professional yards alike. The work we do. Connect with the people, the products and the services that go into building and sailing a modern high performance multihull Here for the Partners Network.

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Catamaran plans and designs