Tobacco and Cancer

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Oral Cancer Survivor tells of Consequences of Smokeless Tobacco.

Chewing tobacco and cancer

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Smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco and cancer, dip, snuff and chew are dangerous. Here are some photos of those diseases. Click on each photo for a larger view. These images have been gathered from around the Internet or were submitted to us.

When possible sources have been cited. Does anyone know what the skin peeling means? No signs just paranoid in getting it…been dipling off and on for the last 10 years. Its time to kick the can any advice? I have no tobacco in the house and have no intentions on buying any. I;m Jason I have a tramatic head injury im been doing it for 20 something sinc 15 now 44 Chewing tobacco and cancer need god to help me I seen the pictures I have no mom now its difficult iquess you try you can I give cngrats to yoy all god bless.

The hole inside the mouth is concealable, but imagine having the hole outside your face. I quit after I got a bad bacterial infection in my mouth that discolored my tongue. Dipping is relaxing, but not worth the results from the pics above.

Does anyone ever get a sore jaw bone from chewing? My jaw bone on the face not under neath has been sore to the touch for a couple days, no signs of lumps or any swelling just sore. We can do this together. Smokeless tobacco is a killer. Smoking and tobacco has been the most often associated factor for lip and oral cancers. Cigarettes contain various carcinogens including chewing tobacco and cancer. The chemical substances found in cigarettes damages the lining of the lip, chewing tobacco and cancer, which causes abnormal cells to proliferate.

Almost all patients who suffered from lip cancer are smokers. I chewed for 27 years. I have been tobacco free for 21 plus days. You have to want to quit. Start by looking good at photos of cancer patients from chewing. Then calculate how much you have spent on chewing tobacco. The both of those will shock you. What also helps is tobacco and nicotine free chew, chewing tobacco and cancer. The cravings are tough. Sleep for the first week you are off of it.

Change any richuals which ended in a chew. Quitting sucks for 2 weeks, not sucks for a lifetime. I hope this helps. Further Rich, trust me, after that little bit of time it gets better, I promise. You have to quit, a little nicotine is not worth it. I started at 12 years old and quit at After my cancer scare I did it.

No cancer regular check ups! Here is the great part, I am not tethered to this stuff anymore, chewing tobacco and cancer. No clock watching to my next chew. As a personal trainer, very important, etc. I am sure they saw something diabetes and nursing education needs to be checked out, chewing tobacco and cancer.

Did they refer you to an Oral Surgeon? I chewed Copenhagen for nearly 30 years and eventually got periodontal disease. No cancer or tooth lose, chewing tobacco and cancer. All told my life is tremendously better being a non-dipper.

I hope all of you who want to quit do. You can and will if your committed. I also had two military buddies who also dipped and we all quit together with varying degrees of success. That support was critical. My father caught my older brother and I smoking as teenagers. After tanning our rear-ends, he turned us on to dip.

My father eventually chewing tobacco and cancer at the age of 50 from stomach and throat cancer. He died a horrible, painful death. At the end of the day I quit. I can be apart of your quiting process. I just got out of the dentist yesterday and he said quit. I might have to get a biopsy of troubled areas. Now is the time. I have been chewing for two years. I quit for 18 days the pain of wanting was horrible, chewing tobacco and cancer. I plan to quit again. Charles, Normally people quit when their condition becomes a visible unattractive scar to the public.

When you get there, you will be surprised how easy it is to quit. Just keep viewing those pictures. No offense that alone would make me not give a shit and how you even are at 18 cans a day alone is a miracle. Not trying to say anything or be an ass but if you quit good job. Sorry to hear your struggle, I to have battled with quitting chewing tobacco.

I just flush my two tubs of dip along with my 3 rolls and 2 cans down the toliet i had my sister do the last can couldnt bring myself to do it just stared there for 10 minutes holding the can after she dumped it i thought to myself this is controling my life i didnt have enough control to do it fully now that she did im glad i have a lump or lessence on the right side of my mouth going to get it chewing tobacco and cancer out today i already fell better without it even near me so far 2 minutes clean and already regretting it but i will not end up like them guys in the pictures.

I started chewing Red Man and eventually switch to Skoal dip. I only used a couple cans a week. In Sept I noticed a soreness on the right side chewing tobacco and cancer my neck and a hard lump the size of a golf ball had emerged. After about 3 days the pain subsided and the lump became soft like jelly feel. Three months later I was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma and received a modified radical neck dissection, with right side base of tongue and metastatic right tonsil area.

After such a chewing tobacco and cancer brush with death I realized how selfish I had been. I was married to a wonderful wife with a beautiful 12 yr. Despite my self centered attitude I realized just how much God chewing tobacco and cancer blessed me with such a wonderful family and how I may have just thrown it all away.

I asked God to forgive me and asked for another chance to fulfill the obligation and responsibility of providing,protecting and raising my family. The thought of another man taking my place to fulfill my responsibilities due to selfishness and knowing that someone besides my childrens father and wifes husband would likely take my place, where I had miserably failed, was enough to motivate me to quit tobacco in any and all forms.

Thanks to a great surgeon, 37 radiation treatments a lot of prayer and a loving and forgiving God I am still around 17 yrs. I support all of you and remember Philippians 4: Chewing tobacco since I was Ive went to my 2 year checkups and cleanings religiously.

Yes, ive had periods of mouth pain over the years, some receeding of gums luckily my roots are very long and occasional bad breath. I know im not immune to cancer, so relax. I check my mouth every few months…. My opinion…its in your genes! Some will get away with it. Im half dutch, half Mexican indian. Good luck is all I have to say. Oral cancer mimicks so many other oral conditions in appearance that by the time you find it, it may be too late. It aggressively metastasizes and the treatment options include gross resection of the area, chemo, and radiation that can leave the person with chronic chewing tobacco and cancer, dysfunction, and disfigurement.

I have a hard time understanding how chewing tobacco is worth the risk. I hope you or your family never has to deal with this terrible disease. My prayers to all cancer victims.

As for your question about chewing tobacco is worth the risk…is smoking meth or shooting heroin worth the risk? All were looking at is the reward. So yes, it would be wise to weigh all decisions throughly first. Supan my name is Nick and I have chewed for roughly 15 years.


Chewing tobacco and cancer