No, coconut oil does not cure colon cancer.

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Coconut Oil Can Destroy 95% Of Colon Cancer Cells In Only 2 Days!! ??

Coconut oil and colon cancer

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In that article, they cited the work by Fauser et. Below is my reply to their article, in which I explain what the science really shows, and why their claim is not supported by scientific evidence. Since then, their article has been taken down, though other people on the internet coconut oil and colon cancer making the same claim. The article even links to a real scientific article by Fauser et. The article itself at my first glance looks reasonable: The paper is a standard set of scientific assays, showing that lauric acid induces cell death by making free radicals, and breaking down the protective chemical glutathione.

This type of cell death is called apoptosis, often analogised to cell suicide as the cell arranges and signals for its own death. Cells in culture flasks. If this experiment was done in mice, coconut oil and colon cancer, monkeys, donkeys, llamas, or humans, then it would be in vivo. Cancer cells in a cell culture flask are not cancer cells in a living patient anymore. They have adapted to their new environment, a culture flask with a constant nutrient supply, optimal growth conditions, and no anti-cancer mechanisms like the immune system to bother them.

We therefore have no idea how closely they relate to the cancer cells they derived from anymore. None of this should reflect badly on the scientists who wrote the original paper. Their work has been overhyped and misrepresented in a news article. It could also be given to human cancer patients to see if it extends their life span, coconut oil and colon cancer.

Thank you for clarifying the study in layman terms! When I first saw the article on my feed I was cholesterol and strocks coconut oil and colon cancer as I usually am towards all claims about curing cancer, coconut oil and colon cancer. I checked the cited study and noted that it was in vitro, not in vivo as claimed in the article.

So I really appreciate how you explained it clearly. Thanks for coconut oil and colon cancer input. This article has no factual evidence too to discredit the other article except he just want us to rely more on drugs which to my knowledge and experience has never been proven effective in combating cancer cells. Drugs to me is never a solution to health problem. This article was a reply to an article which has been taken down.

The factual content of this article is an explanation of the work done by Fauser et al. I appreciate your analysis and thoughts, but I am disconcerted by your giving cancer cells retroviral properties they do not have i. Increased probability of mutation due to low level of occasional dosage.

No need to soil your analysis with hype. Cancer cells do, in fact, have a higher coconut oil and colon cancer rate than the healthy cells surrounding them. This is for two reasons: Not sure if this was a rant or something useful…… Also like coconut oil, but your article does not prove anything since you did not run a double blind study to prove your points. And no data or any published and peer reviewed findings or theory.

A while ago I saw a number of people claiming that coconut oil cures cancer and they were a citing the paper by Fauser et. This blog is simply explaining what the Fauser et. Thank you for your article and especially for explaining the issue in clear terms. Those people who are replying with criticism is coconut oil and colon cancer bizarre to me. You are merely clarifying scientific research previously done by other scientists.

You are not saying coconut oil has no benefits; You ARE saying that it should not be considered a cure-all for cancer. Thank you for your efforts. I have definitely benefited from reading it. Thank you for breaking it down. Too often we jump at hyped up articles such as this because of the coconut oil and colon cancer we have of cancer. This is a reality check.

No problem, having lost a friend to cancer I know how scary it is. I think misinformation on a topic like this is so much worse than anything else.

Cancer survival in the UK in the s was very poor, when the only treatments available were radical surgery and basic radiotherapy. Now, roughly half of people in the UK, who have been diagnosed with cancer, are still alive ten years after diagnosis. Thank you for your well thought out article. I wish more experts would take a few minutes to help the layman understand coconut oil and colon cancer. While I still feel that natural approach is a great way to go, especially as a preventative measure, I at least feel more holistically informed.

If you have anything in particular that interests you, let me know and I will write about it. I doubt this work will get anywhere that interesting, I think some animal data on a lauric acid derivative could be interesting.

In terms of treatment, people seem very excited by immuno-oncology and oncolytic viruses, which I am planning to write about soon. Excuse me, not-yet-dr-Krishna, but I believe your debunking chia seeds and diabetes some debunking of its own. What scientific evidence do you have to make such a bold claim? What research have you done or can arthritis in shoulders and hips provide to prove this?

Your statement is presumptuous and unscientific and you are doing a disservice to your readers by stating it. Amazingly, coconut oil and colon cancer, you admit that you have not even read the scientific article by Fauser et.

So if you have not read the article, who are you to comment on it? Is that what they are teaching in universities these days?. To comment and make definitive statements on coconut oil and colon cancer which you have not bothered to read?

I think you are a bit too excited at trying your hand at journalism, coconut oil and colon cancer, and should spend your time reading what you claim to offer expertise about. People are tired of poisonous chemo, etc. Is this not interesting or inspirational to you?

More likely you will be just another brick in the wall. Where is your enthusiasm, where is your imagination, where coconut oil and blood pressure your can-do attitude, where are your ideas, and where are your desires?

Coconut oil and colon cancer of taking the piece by Fauser and reading it and trying to take it somewhere, you are more focused on a cheapo mistake some foolish journalists and editors made about confusing in vitro with in vivo.

Yes that is obviously huge, but the authors of the Fauser piece did not make that mistake. If you want to focus on science, then please do it. Let me clarify what I am saying in this article. Many claims have been made on the internet that coconut oil cures cancer, and they cite the paper by Fauser et al as evidence. However this is mistaken as Fauser et al do not show that coconut oil cures cancer. Fauser et al show that coconut oil induces apoptotic death in Caco-2 and IEC-6 cells.

This is all that they state in their paper — they never state anything about cures for cancer or using coconut oil and colon cancer oil to cure el arginine and warfarin. They suggest using lauric acid as a basis for new chemotherapy drugs against colorectal cancer, but not coconut oil itself.

I have read most of the article by Fauser et al, however parts of the article are behind a paywall. This already makes it unlike most colorectal cancers, and it has been grown constantly since then and so has adapted to laboratory growth so it is only a model of what colorectal cancer is like in a patient.

IEC-6 cells are a rat cell line with similar problems. Here is the issue: For a start you would need to find the molecular mechanism for how lauric acid acts on these cells. They you need to make a drug which does the same thing as lauric acid, but better lauric acid is not sufficiently potent on its own, coconut oil and colon cancer, according to the paper.

Then you have to test this drug in cell culture, in animals and in patients. Just to summarise my quick response: They claim that purified lauric acid could be chemically modified to make new chemotherapy drugs.

Other people have either misread their article or wilfully misinterpreted it to make a news story. This is unethical partly as it misinforms the public but also because it unjustifiably raises the hopes of millions of people with cancer. Mr Grant, You are definitely not a scientist. However, I will give you this- there is something called placebo effect. If cat allergies and asma who has late stage cancer and believes coconut oil helps, there is no reason to not take it.

If somebody has early stage cancer, it maybe worth a thought on the other ingredient, processor, quality control of the said coconut oil just in case you end up doing more harm than good. Mr Grant, stress on the beef and pork allergy hand has pretty good correlation with immune suppression and a multitude of illnesses that come with it.

What am saying is, your attitude for sure will not help your health, coconut oil and colon cancer. The reality is there is no miracle cure for cancer full stop. I know, I see the reality of this everyday! Unfortunately, this is the reality! Hello not-yet-dr-Krishna, First of all I would like to apologize to you for the tone of my comment. I should be more respectful when bodytalk and diabetes on your blog.

I would also like to say thank you for dedicating your time to research. I do stand by the meat and meaning of what I have written, however. I understand that Fauser did not claim to cure colon cancer with coconut oil.


Coconut oil and colon cancer