Anticoagulants And Commercial Driving

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DOT Physical Day What NOT To Do

Coumadin and dot physical

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Returning the truckingtruth after a long time away. I was hit with a multiple Pulmonary Embolism [ arterial blood clots in both lungs ], coumadin and dot physical. Needless to say it hurt like hell and I thought I was a dead man, coumadin and dot physical.

Has anyone had to deal with this medication or know coumadin and dot physical anyone in this same situation that currently maintains a CDL-A and currently drives. I am not familiar with Warfarin but it is mentioned in this document.

Good luck to you. I hope it works out for you. A commercial motor vehicle is any vehicle used in commerce to transport passengers or property with either:. Their primary mission is to prevent commercial motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries.

A department of the federal executive branch responsible for the national highways and for railroad and airline safety. It also manages Amtrak, the epinephrine and blood pressure and allergic railroad system, coumadin and dot physical the Coast Guard.

I read through that fmvcs url a few days ago. Having just a single PE event in a medical history is not a disqualifying event and neither is warfarin therapy from what I have learned so far. I was just hoping to find a driver or someone who knows one who is successfully driving to determine any resistance prior to proceeding with attempt at a commercial driving lifestyle.

To my knowledge companies often impose their own standards above and beyond government regulations. It appears that living in NH means my company coumadin and dot physical training options are limited due to hiring areas already [ Sage could be AZ coumadin and dot physical onlyanother carrier is TX and Central Refrigerated does not hire in NH etc ] so I was trying to get more information.

A Company-Sponsored Training Program is a school that is owned and operated by a trucking company. The schooling often requires little or no money up front. Instead of paying up-front tuition you will sign an agreement diabetes and limb loss work for the company for a specified amount of time after graduation, usually around a year, at a slightly lower rate of pay in order to pay for the training.

If you choose to quit working for the company before your year is up, they will normally require you to pay back a prorated amount of money for the schooling. The amount you pay back will coumadin and dot physical comparable to what you would have paid if you went to an independently owned school. Yes, you should consult a physician for your answer. Of course, every chance you could get you should make it a priority to walk around. Of course the threat is that the clot would travel and occlude blood flow in the heart, the brain, or at the lungs; which can be life threatening causing a stroke, cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.

Coumadin and dot physical works different to help circulation. Never start or stop a medication without consulting your physician. As long as you pass the DOT physical coumadin and dot physical the employer has no issue with your medical history, I imagine that you could have a fulfilling career in driving, but you may just need to stay on top of your condition.

Between your pre-trip inspectionstopping 25 miles into your trip to check your load, restroom and meal breaks, and getting to your destination you can probably get the exercise you need to keep your blood flowing. An interesting bit of useless knowledge: A pre-trip inspection is a thorough inspection of the truck completed before driving for the first time each day.

Federal and state laws require that drivers inspect their vehicles. Federal and state inspectors also may inspect your vehicles. I too suffered from the same condition. I am a lifetime member of the coumadin club. Some companies ran scared once I told them for their own reasons. But I am currently driving for a major company that understands the medication and knows that I can handle the balancing act of proper dosage and INR results.

Therefore, what I am saying that its possible to do. Just take care of yourself and maintain your diet discipline and whatever else you were instructed to do and you should be fine.

I learned that its not a big deal generally speaking ie: Not a DOT disqualifying medication but its good to hear from someone in coumadin and dot physical industry is out there getting his butt outta the seat every hrs like its a matter of healthand who has to stick a finger every week and take a test.

As far as taking care of the INR and staying mentally aware of not being sedentary for more than hours at a time its all easy research, coumadin and dot physical. Like I posted previously Endometriosis and hormones did not have any of the known criteria for having a blood clot so the chance coumadin and dot physical recurrence is very very low.

Staying on coumadin just reduces that even farther. Check out our help videos for a better understanding of our coumadin and dot physical features. Did you know you can fill out one quick form here on TruckingTruth and apply to several companies at once for paid CDL training? The application only takes one minute. You will speak with recruiters today. There is no obligation whatsoever.

Learn more and apply here:. After 15 years on the road I wanted to help people understand the trucking industry and everything that came with the career and lifestyle of an over the road trucker, coumadin and dot physical. Page 1 of 1. Hello allReturning the truckingtruth after a long time away. A commercial motor vehicle is any vehicle used in commerce to transport passengers or property with either: A gross vehicle weight rating of 26, pounds or more A gross combination weight rating of 26, pounds or more which includes a towed unit with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10, pounds CSA: Department Of Transportation A department of the federal executive branch responsible for the national highways and for railroad and airline safety.

Cardiovascular disease CVD is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels, coumadin and dot physical. Dispatchers may assign freight, file requests for home time, relay messages between the driver and management, inform customer service of any delays, change appointment times, and report information to the load planners. Hey thanks for that link Richard! Thanks for the replies everyone, coumadin and dot physical. Please enter a caption of one sentence or less: Click on any of the buttons below to insert a link to that section of TruckingTruth: We have an awesome set of tools that will help you understand the trucking industry and prepare for a great start to your trucking career, coumadin and dot physical.

Learn more and apply here: Becoming A Truck Driver.


Coumadin and dot physical

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