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Cytoxan and male fertility

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I am newly diagnosed with Schleroderma within last year. After many test I have now been told that I have lung involvement interstitial lung disease. I have been asked to consider taking Cytoxan or Cellcept in pill form. I know there are many side effects and have read some of the posts. I have not seen to much mentioned about effects on fertility. I am 40 so just due to age I am being told I should check into egg count and quality etc.

Then having schleroderma adds additional risk and now having to potentially take Cytoxan or Cellcept really increases risk of potential infertility. I am considering talking to cytoxan and male fertility risk obstetrics just to hear options, cytoxan and male fertility. They are immediately suggesting I consider the fertility testing and harvesting eggs etc. Anyway, I would love to hear about your experiences with deling with fertility concerns when considering medication.

Also any information about experiences with the fertility testing, etc. I started Cytoxan in which pretty much immediately put me into menopause. I was 43 at the time. No one has ever even cytoxan and male fertility the possibility of infertility with CellCept to me, cytoxan and male fertility.

Anyone else know more? I was on Cytoxan and it threw me into menopause at One day it just stopped. I am on cellcept now. I am sure if you google side effects you can find out.

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Cytoxan and male fertility