Can Depo-Provera cause vaginal bleeding after sex?

Depo-provera and heavy bleeding

Why Am I Spotting After Sex?

Depo provera and spotting after sex

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About40 days after i got the shot I started to bleed. Depo provera and spotting after sex heavy at times with blood clots. He told depo provera and spotting after sex then to take 2oomg of ibprofen 3 times a day along with the Premarin. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so, what where u given to stop the bleeding? And if u were put on birth control pills how long will it take the bleeding to stop?

Depo-provera and heavy bleeding. Other Conditions 13 Replies. I was having extreemly heavy bleeding i mean every min I would have to change my supper tampon And I have extreemly large blood clots and they were painfull.

It was very scary since this was the first time depo provera and spotting after sex had been on a birth control. My doctor put me on the birth control Yasmin. After 2 to 4 weeks the bleeding stopped. About40 days after i got the shot i started to bleed. The suggested i try premarin, and estrogen to regulate the bleeding. He told me then to take 2oomg of ibprofen 3 times a day along with the premarin. My sister had been on it for about a year and I felt that it would be harmless.

So after I had gotten my first shot, a week later I had really heavy bleeding. Another 3 miserable months of suffering, more weight gain, swelling all up my legs down to my ankles, my arms and stomach. I swelled so much I had stretch marks on my stomach, from my inner thigh down the back of my knees on both legs, around my breasts and down past my arm pit and ended on my inner arms.

Not cancer and aries companion they just stretch marks but they were RED, sore and irritated.

I was so miserable, still had the constant bleeding, and there was nothing they could do. Bactrim and prohibited food products was obviously allergic to something and again, the Dr.

It is now and I have yet to get rid of the weight issue and the stretch marks will be there forever. I am not on any type of birth control and will never again be on any. I would definitely recommend a different type because once the DEPO is in you, thats it, your stuck with it for 3 months, depo provera and spotting after sex.

Ive been bleeding heavly for 3 monthz right after the first week. I jus finished cryin cause I thouught mayb i miscarriage If one more doc say im normal, imma loss it. Sex became painful and i had to use lube, i also had to squat down in the shower after sex and have hot water stream down my vagina to calm the pain, depo provera and spotting after sex, my sex drive went wayyyyy down and i bled every single day while on the depo, sometimes heavy and sometimes light. In feb i gained 6pounds already which wasnt bad bcuz i was skinny anyways My sex drive did return and i wasnt dry anymore I wouldnt recommend the depo to anyoneits the devil and it ruined my life!

Same thing happened to me I was on the depo for a year. I had 4 shots in total. I have been having the same problems with depo. I havent had any bleeding at all. I did spot once but thats because I was a few days late for my next shot. And my sex drive does NOT exist anymore.

I have the strech marks on my hips,buttocks and the inner back of my thighs. I hate showing off my long legs now that I have these stretch marks. And Im not a big fan of the weight gain. Or the now excessive shopping I have to do for the winter for all new bottoms. I will not be getting the next injection in November.

I tried the pill but I have a bad time remembering to take it on time. I a sad case right now. Do you know of a cream or cover up to hide the stretch marks? Im on my third and i believee e final shotive gained 8 lbsi ve been bleeding for 10 days and never know when its gonna hitim passing blood clots the size of a friggin small plate Idk wth is going on I have no energyim losing hair like there is no tomorrow In the beginningdepo was greatno period depo provera and spotting after sex all for 6 monthsnow i can barely function.

I got the depo shot back in feb for the same reasons and i only took one shot of the depo and it made the bleeding worse and the cramping like i was in full forse labour and its now the middle of july and it has not stopped oh i ment sorry my dr says this is normal and will stop, depo provera and spotting after sex.

I was on depo-provera for about 9 months straight as a birth control and only for that reason. I have been without it since April of3 months.

While I was on it, depo provera and spotting after sex, I did experience weight gain 30 pounds but did not ever have bleeding, spotting, or cramps. I stopped taking it because of the crazy weight gain and for the scare of bone density loss, depo provera and spotting after sex. I figure my health in the future is more important than thinking DP is my only birth control option.

I have had a few days of spotting in May and July, a normal my usual flow period in July, and right now it is a heavy flow in August. Using 3 to 4 sanitary products a day is strange to me.

I read somewhere else that a heavy period shows signs of low progesterone levels. This could be the case for me, as my body is just now releasing progesterone from DP so maybe it just let my natural level fall too low. Whatever the case may be, I do not recommend depo-provera. Active or not, skinny or fat, virgin or active sex life, there are other, healthier options for your situation.

Same thing here colon cancer and bowel obstruction need answers They put me on to stop the menstruals bcz of the cysts as well now it gets dark spotting then heavy clotting then goes but last long n I get drained. A moderator will review your post and it will be live within the next 24 hours. Find a doctor, read reviews and view survey results on HealthGrades, depo provera and spotting after sex.

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Depo provera and spotting after sex