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Trembling Hands - Not Necessarily Parkinson Disease

The Basics: Signs of Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes and hand trembling

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Diabetic neuropathy gets aggravated with alcoholic consumption on a regular basis. Please open the link below and watch a slide show on the subject. I was having BS since Marcham 62 yrs now. I used to take one or two normal ml peg whisky days in a week before going to dinner. Few months back I was having trembling hands and head while sitting in official meetings etc.

My sugar level is mostly between 95 to fasting and to PP since May last diabetes and tea till now., diabetes and hand trembling.

Doctor said it is under control. For trembling, Doctor said, may be it is due to low sugar, once I checked up, it was 65 during trembling time. I have done it, diabetes and hand trembling, within minutes I got normal.

I was taking Glisen MP2 Mg one in diabetes and hand trembling morning and one in the night diabetes and hand trembling meals, diabetes and hand trembling.

From last year Biotin and hormones, doctor told me to take Glisen only once along with 1 multi vitamin tab and 1 calcium tab. Now I feel more healthy and energetic and there is no trembling thereafter.

This is my one of the recent experience in Blood Sugar life. Do you taking "Glisen PM2"? It contains three fixed drug combinations viz. Pioglitazone and its diabetes and hand trembling combinations with other anti-diabetic drugs: The drug is banned in India. By a notification on 18 JuneIndian government has suspended manufacture and sale of this drug in India with immediate effect.

This drug may cause heart failure and bladder cancer. If your medicine contains pioglitazone, change the prescription in consultation with your doctor. Additionally, excessive use of alcohol can reduce vitamin absorption leading to symptoms of polyneuropathy.

A drinker is six times more likely to get mouth and throat cancer as compared to a nondrinker. OR read my experience at appropedia. Like a licensed driver helping a learner, I can guide you to cure Diabetes because I am experienced by curing my diabetes Type-2 in Health tools and topics Menu Have an account?

Log in Health tools. Reply Like 0 Follow post. Here are some other ways that alcohol can affect diabetes: Shivering can be due to low sugar as well as alcoholism. In either case it is not good. You may also like Head ache in Diabetes.

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Diabetes and hand trembling