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Diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue

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Fatigue is one of the most common disabling diabetes symptoms. Diabetes fatigue can disrupt and interfere with all aspects of daily living. Hopefully, everyone will find something that might help them, because this is a serious problem. I have dozed while driving before. Then I get depressed because I wasted half a day. Because of my multiple sclerosis MSI live with fatigue sometimes, and I know how limiting it is. I know how difficult it can be to manage.

There are more than 15 known causes for fatigue. It helps to figure out what is causing yours, so you can address it. Here are some possibilities. Blood vessels get inflamed by the sugar. When this happens, according to researchimmune cells called monocytes come into the brain, causing fatigue.

But your fatigue may not be caused by diabetes at all. Other medical conditions that can cause fatigue include:. If your thyroid level is low, you are likely to feel tired, sleepy, diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue, and depressed.

Men with diabetes are much more likely to have low testosterone. Infections take energy to fight, which can cause fatigue and raise blood sugar levels. They often hurt, but sometimes have no symptoms, except for the fatigue.

Silent dental infections and vaginal infections are also common and fatiguing. If you get tired after tasks that you used to sail through, it could be time to for a heart check-up. These are much more common in women, but men get them too. Fatigue is the main symptom. Many drugs for diabetes, blood pressure, diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue, depression, pain, and other issues can cause fatigue. Read labels, ask your doctor or pharmacist. If that is happening to you, you are likely to be fatigued during the day.

Even at low levels, depression can sap your motivation. You can take a free test to see if you are depressed here. In small doses, psychological diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue physical stress can give you energy, but if it goes on too long, diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue, it will wear you out.

Too much carbohydrate — especially refined carbs — can make anyone tired, especially with diabetes. They also say that dehydration, or not drinking enough liquid, is a major cause of fatigue. Not moving our bodies contributes to fatigue. It is normal to have less energy as we age, but this slowing down should not be dramatic. If loss of energy is rapid or severe, there is something else going on. Want to learn how to reduce diabetes fatigue?

Learn more about the health and medical experts who bring you the information on Diabetes Self-Management, diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue. When my BG is high for a period of time my motivation to physical activity drops, when this drops I get more fatigue and my BGs are getting even higher……end so on.

I found out magnesium depletion was one of the reasons in my case. I decided to find more info about magnesium and wrote this in my article at http: I find organizing my personal errands groceries, library, banking at least several during the work week immediately after work helps keep me focused on the weekends. Spread out those domestic chores too! Diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue yourself to have laundry caught up, home cleaned is way too much stress! At least for me!

I take one day att friends and family wireless plan the weekend and set aside at least 4 hours for me! Soak in the bathtub, read and simply relax and recharge my batteries. I just discovered I have diabetes by one doctor and yet another told me I was border line.

So I have to watch what I eat. I know nothing about diabetes. How many carbs can you have a meal? And I know suger testing should not be over mine is always 99 to So can you tell me am I a diabetic or not? I have been as high as Thanking you in advance for an answer. I was tired all the time, falling asleep at my desk and behind the wheel.

He prescribed sleeping pills. They were sure it was due to bleeding in my gut, but endoscopy and colonoscopy revealed none. It responds to megadoses of iron, but returns if the iron suplementation stops, diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue.

Any other ideas what could cause this level of anemia in a 50 year old male? You need more information than I can give. People have written about prediabetes many times on this site — http: It would be great to make a list of all your questions and ask your doctor or a diabetes educator.

I have done many different things for it. After learning that I have diabetes about 10 diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue ago and reading up on it I realized that I have had blood sugar issues almost all my life. I was glad to read about the 1. I have been diagosed with post tramatic stress syndrome and I know that I have to take very good care of myself. Eating right which is always hard to know as it changes sleeping enough being kind to myself for not being a human doing instead of a human being and walking.

Thank you very much for all of your writing. I do not have a support group in my area and this is so helpful for me. I had surgery on my right leg that went bad so I was really slowed down and housebound. I was diagnosed as being anemic, so my Dr. It takes relentless attention, decision-making and mental and emotional energy. My diabetes was diagnosed 15 years ago.

My fatigue started 10 years ago with depression. I started taking an antidepressant which made me sleep ALL the time. I was also diagnosed as anemic, diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue, so started taking mega iron pills. Then I found out that I had sleep apnea. I got a CPAP and that problem was solved. Now I find out that my thyroid is diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue so have been taking pills for that for 6 weeks now and guess what??

My energy is returning little by little. Who would have thought! My fatigue was caused by a mixture of all those things and the pills prescribed for them. I am constantly working on keeping my sugar level low, but that is a lifetime battle. You must be your own research assistant and find out the real root of your fatigue.

I am a type 2 diabetic. Yesterday I forgot to eat lunch. By 4 I was going into diabetic shock. Paramedics got my blood sugar back up. I feel more fatigued than I did yesterday. My levels are back to my normal. Why do I feel so week? Hemoglobin levels were low. Iron helped only temporarily. The number 10 as the cutoff was decided upon because 1.

She is now taking Revlimid oral chemotherapy in cycles of three weeks on and one week off. Also, a friend mentioned to me that the FDA recently approved a drug associated with mylofibrosis One MDs name mentioned in the diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue was Mascharenas I may be off on the spelling — you might want to do a web search and pass the information to your doctor s.

This website has help me to understand what is going on with my body. I am diabetic of 12 years,and I am suffering from fatigue. The info was very helpful. Those are alot of things in this article I found out that i am not alone in this. I will keep checking for new info. I have a weight-loss endocrinologist and a GP.

Which doctor is best to review the fatigue issue?


Diabetes and headache and extreme fatigue