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Below on this page is a description of the food recommendations in the diet. Use this page as a cheat sheet alongside diet and excerise plans book. Food should be used only for nutrition, drowsiness and lithium for emotional needs such diet and excerise plans psychological, social, financial, romantic, etc.

The plan has a cycle of phases, each cycle lasting 30 days 5 days Boost, diet and excerise plans, 5 days Sustain, 20 days Attain. The book says that not all of these foods have been shown diet and excerise plans research to have the same effects on thermogenesis or satiety as the foods recommended in the plan. If you have an allergy to all tree nuts and you are substituting seeds or seed butters, check the label to make sure they are processed in a facility that does not also process tree nuts.

You add in a wide variety of food to keep your palate from getting bored, diet and excerise plans, to stop any hint of rebellion you might experience, diet and excerise plans, and to give your body the essential nutrients it needs. After you reach your goal weight, this is an ongoing diet plan to help you adopt lifelong habits to make healthy weight a permanent part of your life, and solidify your new, healthy lifestyle.

The diet in this book claims to reduce the risks for: As always, this is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition. Consult your doctor before starting a new diet, diet and excerise plans. This page describes what the authors of the diet recommend — Chewfo is describing the diet only, not endorsing it. Phil is on Facebook at https: When you download the app which is free you have to register it, and you choose your own password.

Then to validate the account it asks you a question from the book e. You go to your copy of the book, look at the chapter, and type in the answer. Then you diet and excerise plans use the app. You can get the app from iTunes for iphone or Google Play for android phone.

Lillie the password is for the app is 7. Its easy you just got to amazon. The daily requirement for vegetables is 5 to 6 servings a day, diet and excerise plans. These serving size suggestions are a bit on the low side therefore supplement with an all natural vegetable-based one a day vitamin. The book says that, if you absolutely have to, you can have one cup of coffee per day with up to one packet or teaspoon of raw sugar.

I in my 3rd wk on this diet, I have lost no pounds. But I am going to continue on this program because I will tell you I feel so much better, calmer but not sleepy, not hungry in between meals and I was a eat all day person.

I love the principals behind this program. But does anyone have any comment or common complaint about the lack of wt loss? There is a facebook support group that I can add you as a member. We share lots of issues with finding the ingredients and making the recipes. I would like to be added to the facebook support group as well. Myself and my husband have been on the diet since Jan 16th.

I have lost about 14 pounds and my husband has lost I have not cheated 1 time but he has grrrrrrr. I just need some extra support to get me through. Please add me to the group that would be amazing. Can I get added to the support group? Not cheating at all, have been doing lots of walking and some exercises. Thank you for writing this book and finding a great team to help you. Thanks for that, too!

I have lost a few inches in two areas. I plan on doing this the rest of my life because of past bad habits. It is truly a life changing plan. He says that you should avoid artificial sweeteners, and have small amounts of real sugar instead.

I have been on this diet which is more a lifestyle…for 9 days. So far I have lost 5 lbs. Im 59 and loosing weight is difficult, diet and excerise plans. I need to loose 35 lbs. I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning…no sugar. I follow all the recipes in the book, and buy good quality fish and eggs. I go to local produce stand for fruits and veggies. You do very light cooking, diet and excerise plans, not hard to follow.

Im sure at some point I will want a burger or steak…. I want to see how I do in 30 days. Drink water, I like sparkling with lemon or lime. I bought the book…. Codfish is also a low-calorie, delicious type of white fish that is highly versatile in recipes. Look for pure, unsweetened whey protein powder. Only to gain it all back when i would veer to far from the program.

I am seeking to loose 40 lbs and wanted to started eating correctly…Even in weight watchers i was purchasing alot of boxed meals. This plan is similiar to a vegan lifestyle…in that you will be very limited the first week and as you progress you will add more food in…but still with limitations.

If you are wanting more energy…and to eat more coumadin and clotting you will like this plan. I think I am even thinking more clearly. I started the program Jan 12 by the end of the first 5 days I had started to see the weight slowly come off.

Thus far I have lost 7. Having said that this week Feb 5 will be 3 weeks. Your cravings will start to subside. The book tells you diet and excerise plans you will not be hungry, diet and excerise plans. If you were like me eating pretty much whatever you wanted you may get hungry around 3. And it promises you will be satisfied and I have been not full but satisfied. I have purchased the book.

Do the exercises in the book it helps you define why we eat?? It has many recipes I have to admit i was very sceptical but desperate also… for results. The smoothies are excellent and my husband has lost 10 lbs doing the diet with me. I am 56 yr old and have had problems in last few years with gaining and having alot of trouble losing it. I need also to lose 40 lbs. You have given me some hope thanks for posting.

I need to lose 20 stubborn pounds. Is there a way of printing out the recipes to make it a bit easier? Thank you Dr Phil for being open about being diabetic. I am, and have been good about watching what I eat. I look forward to your book, and using the methods you describe. It all makes sense……. Since then, my weight has remained stagnant and my measurements have not changed since day 1. Any comments or insight would be greatly appreciated. He says to expect weight loss of pounds a week.

He also makes it clear that you should be following his exercise guidelines, not just the food guidelines. I have read his other book the Ultimate weight challange. This past 10 months thus far I have lost 90 pounds with pounds left to go.

Yes, diet and excerise plans is tough, even harder for me since I cannot exercise due to health issues. My husband has lost 25 pounds. We are eating healthier and moving more. I am also Diabetic and my last A1C was 5. I was taken off all diet and excerise plans and everything fell into normal ranges and I am doing great. I am so pleased to finally get rid of the excess weight and through Dr. Phil, I just want to say thank you for helping me take back my life and putting a smile on my face, diet and excerise plans.

Would love to have the book. They purchase new books all the time. I started this diet on Jan 3 and have lost 22 to date with minimal exercise since I work 11 hrs a day and only purposefull exercise by walking 2 miles a day on weekends.

I have started with the lesser sugar natural yogurt, but the book says that single serving vanilla yogurt with sugar as opposed to artificial flavor is the right approach.


Diet and excerise plans