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Doxycycline and tick bite

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The article also neglects cancer and protein in blood mention that there are doctors who take a different approach and advise against a one-time, single dose. The following is republished from the All Things Lyme blog.

The IDSA guidelines adopted the single, mg dose of doxycycline despite the fact that three previous prophylactic antibiotic trials for a tick bite had failed. The authors fail to mention that the IDSA single dose of doxycycline approach is based on a single study, which only found a reduction in the number of erythema migrans EM rashes. There were only nine EM rashes in the Nadelman study.

Nadelman and colleagues were able to reduce the number of rashes from eight to one by prescribing a single mg dose of doxycycline. Today, patients expect to be informed of their treatment options. The recent review in the Journal of Emergency Medicine [1] would have been stronger if the authors had doxycycline and tick bite the evidence against using a single, mg dose of doxycycline for prophylactic treatment of a tick doxycycline and tick bite. Cameron is a nationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.

However, the description of the study clearly shows that what they found was quite limited and provides no evidence that Lyme disease was prevented by the prophylactic dose.

If such a dose minimized chance of developing the disease I would do it while watching for signs that it did not work. I have experience with both Lyme disease and a debilitating reaction to a long course of antibiotics, doxycycline and tick bite.

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Doxycycline and tick bite