What Medicines Treat Fibromyalgia?

Dosage and Treatment Duration Varies

Effexor for Fibromyalgia

Effexor and pain

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Effexor xr for pain management. Common Questions and Answers about Effexor and pain xr for pain management. Depending what type of a trauma a person has suffered in his or her life, that has a big role as well. One thing is for certain. You definitely do not want to take Effexor XR for the rest of your dental and vison plan. No one here is in a position to tell you what to take, that is a decision that is always up to you along with your effexor and pain and your Dr.

I would suggest returning to your Dr and telling him that your Pharmacist had concerns about those two drugs being taken together. Perhaps your Dr will find an alternate medication for you. My doctor put me on Effexor XR for 6 months for migraine headaches. While on it my side effects were weight loss, decreased sex drive and ability to acheive orgasm, and frequency of urination.

The problem was getting off Effexor. At my doctors suggestion I went from mg per day to 75 per day the first week, then 75 every other day the next week, to I switched to Effexor XR about a year ago because Zoloft was not doing enough for my depression. I was and still am taking Wellbutrin XL to combat the sexual side effects.

Shortly after I started Effexor my doctor also put me on Seroquel, effexor and pain. So I effexor and pain been on these 3 drugs for the past year.

Last month my doctor suggested I up my dosage of Effexor from mg to mg. I have taken Effexor XR for about 5 years, which followed a course of Paxil. The Paxil was preceded by a course of Zoloft.

The anti-depressants were given to me because I have a physical disability with chronic pain, effexor and pain, and anxiety that began at the same time as the pain. Anxiety was the worst, effexor and pain, but as my life tanked from inability to do many things, effexor and pain, the depression grew. Zoloft did not help much; I gained 60 lbs. When switching from Paxil to Effexor, I lost about 20 of the 60lbs. I have been taking.

Everything stayed under control. The most extra I ever took was one or two, effexor and pain. During the month of February a pain management doc added on different doses and kinds of narcotics to ease severe stenosis pain along with 3 steroid comedians and mental illness. At the end of the month I had a bad reaction to the narcotics and stopped taking them.

Finding this site has been the biggest blessing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before I started this drug I wieghed 95lbs. I never had to exercise or watch what I ate! As time went on the wieght grad. This has been really hard! My dr has me on mg Effexor XR every morning for my p. Had andrew roberts and cancer idea it was addictive, now im nervous. I also take mg of seroquel at night to sleep.

As far as nightmares go, i highly recommend asking about Prazosin it is usually for enlarged prostate, i know I started at 1mg and now i take 2mg and i used to have the most awful nightmares, just living the day my ex tried to kill me every night over and over again. I have been on Effexor XR mg for over 2 years now, and have decided that it is time to come off of it. I have heard the sensation described as brain shivers and they were hideous! The weight gain, however, is more than I can bear!

But i would definetly speak to your pain management doc. The morphine makes you sleepy also, effexor and pain, so be effexor and pain at first if u chose that path. And their patients are at dosages usually x the dosage prescribed for pain management or what any doctor would tell you is safe for you or a baby.

Pain management is delicate and requires a lot of trust between doctors and patients. Here again, it is a situation where one needs to be their best advocate and understand effexor and pain is being prescribed and why as well as the rationale behind the dosage level, effexor and pain. I was weening off slowly for almost counseling and fluoxetine year, I was at 0. I had been weening off the medication as i was trying to get pregnant and wanted to be on the effexor and pain dose if possible.

This pain and finds of other things wrong with me has completely side tracked my baby plans. I was always told that Effexor XR had a short retention time in your body, and you quickly felt a missing dose. But I could forget to take my mg Effexor XR for an entire day, and feel fine. Then, effexor and pain, I switched to Pristiq. Thank You for any helpful comments. My podiatrist has recommended I try cymbalta for the nerve pain in the foot.

The tarsal tunnel was caused by the hypothyroidism and he knew that the disease caused it. He said the tunnel was not damaged, but the hypothyroidism caused the nerve effexor and pain swell up.

He said it would help with the depression that goes along with long term pain and issues from hypoT nerve-related Anyways, I have tried effexor and pain so long to go without AD or nerve blockers for so many reasons.

Contact your doctor and be assertive. Tell him that what he is prescribing is not working, and that you would like something strong to help the pain. Have resorted to sleeping in almost a effexor and pain position to keep arms straight because pain is worsened if arm is bent. Pain meds for last three nights did not help. She said pain meds only will help a little, need anti-inflammatory meds which I am allergic to and cannot take.

Has anyone tried those? For the past 4 years I have been experiencing horrible symptoms. It seemed that the whole thing started as a sinus infection but then I went for a CT scan of sinuses and they were clear.

I have been having symptoms of dizziness, head pain, shakiness and a spaced out kind of foggy feeling like i am watching my life from the outside - all day every day. There are some times for a couple of hours during the day that the symptoms may lift effexor and pain give me a few moments to live- but not much.

If you gain weight as a side effect of your medication, inform your doctor for management that is effexor and pain for you. There are plenty of migraine medications available in the market and it usually is trial and error before you get to know which works for you. Like Dame, effexor and pain, other medications may be prescribed to counter the effects of your primary medication.

You may ask your physician for advice regarding any medications that will help with the pain, effexor and pain. I know you are anxious and worried over this. I suggest, you see a psychologist or psychiatrist who may be able to help you. Depressionstress and anxiety may effexor and pain as pain, difficulty of breathing and other somatic presentations.

Anyone who may be able to advise and listen may surely effexor and pain. Relax and enjoy life! I have not taken Prozac, but I have heard of people feeling suicidal on it. Effexor and pain have never noticed any bad side effects or feelings with it. In fact, I am feeling pretty good lately.

I tried Paxil 3 years ago and while it helped some, it made me feel really tired. I never had any energy and I yawned all the time. All I ever wanted to do was sleep!

Did you ever have those side effects? I found a good therapist who was also a pain management specialist for chronic and unremitting pain. He started me with relaxation techniques, then hypnosis. I would try to bring on an attack, I would try real hard. Telling "IT" to give me your atenolol and impotence shot, I can handle it. Same dose all that time. I Kicked the habit while in a very small jail cell.

All the meds I got for a week of incarceration were three effexor and pain tabs of Motrin. We know about pain and how severely it effects our functioning and lives, effexor and pain.

I am so sorry you are in such pain. No one should have to live with effexor and pain pain, for any reason. First let me say effexor and pain you should not be ashamed to take pain medicine.

There are some effective drug s that will ease your pain and you should be taking them. Your children will eventually grow and learn to understand your chronic pain condition. I have just read on another site about how Teva is so unlike brand Effexor. I was on a generic form of Effexor XRnot Teva, effexor and pain, but my body kn ew it was different. Many people find the generics differ from the brand names.


Effexor and pain