Elevated Liver Enzymes & Liver Cancer

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Easily Overlooked Liver Cancer Symptoms

Elevated liver enzymes and cancer

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Liver Cancer Liver cancer is a cancer that originates within that organ. This distinguishes it from cancers of other organs which metastasize into the liver. There is elevated liver enzymes and cancer a distinction between these and benign tumors which have not metastasized, elevated liver enzymes and cancer.

These cancers are one potential cause of elevated liver enzymes. Remember, though, elevated liver enzymes and cancer, that many other reasons can also be behind raised enzymes, so seeing abnormally high levels on a test result does not necessarily indicate that there is a liver malignancy.

Symptoms Some possible liver cancer symptoms are mentioned below. Consider that this is not intended to be an exhaustive list. It may be possible to have liver cancer without presenting any of these symptoms at least at the time. Moreover, these do not necessarily mean that a person does have such a cancer, as other medical conditions and diseases can cause them.

Various types of malignancies of this organ can also cause different kinds of symptoms. Abdominal and back pain Abdominal mass Anemia Enlarged liver Fever Itching pruritus Jaundice Vomiting Weight loss Causes and risk factors A study completed in may suggest that a deficiency of L-Carnitine could pose a risk factor for developing such malignancies.

Types There are at least three forms of liver cancer: Hepatoblastoma is a form that is rare and affects children and infants. It is normal to find an abdominal mass in cases of this kind. Usually, hepatocellular carcinoma is brought on by cirrhosishepatitis Bor hepatitis C. Only about 10 to 20 percent of these can be totally taken out with surgery. Cholangiocarcinoma is actually a cancer of the bile ducts. These ducts are the passageway for bile to leave the liver and go to the small intestine.

Treatment There are a number of different treatment methods for liver cancer, and the options may differ according to which type the person has, as well as other factors. Segmental resection, elevated liver enzymes and cancer, chemotherapy, and liver transplantation are a few options for hepatoblastomas. In some hepatocellular carcinoma situations, methods like radiotherapy or medication may be used. Photodynamic therapy PDT and brachytherapy are a couple methods that may be cancer and diavan in patients with cholangiocarcinomas.

Elevated liver enzymes and cancer options drug compatability of glucophage and acutane also available, and some may be used in treatment for more than one of these types of liver cancer. You can read further about elevated liver enzymes at the home page.


Elevated liver enzymes and cancer