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Caps for Sale is very much a classic picture book, email and caps. Fifty cents a cap! Turns out there were some cheeky monkeys in that tree. My primary purpose with this blog is for it to be a journal. I keep the camera nearby all day and end up with many, many pictures. We did many printables with this unit. All the links are at the bottom of this post including some I have made, email and caps.

Some of the printables are specifically for Caps for Sale, others are monkey-related. Skeeterbug sneaks in every now and then, email and caps, too.

At one point he asked if he could do the work that Jitterbug was doing instead of his own! The Bible verse for this unit was Proverbs We talked about Email and caps coins, looked email and caps one of each and then Jitterbug did this coin graphing activity. He loves these, this time he used stampers. When he wanted to do email and caps again he used a different colour stamper on the same page.

I had to print several of these for him to do because he liked it so much. We followed up the coin graphing with another coin activity. I wrote amounts on the back of these hats and Jitterbug had to give me the right coin to buy the hat and then hang it on the tree.

We looked at all dog and cephalexin and cysitis ways we could make fifty cymbalta and difficulty passing urine. Click the picture to see it a bit closer, you can download it here if email and caps are interested. We had monkey sandwiches one day for lunch.

Found the idea here. There are many cute sandwich ideas on that site! We balanced a stack of hats on our heads like the peddler. This was a fun activity. We pretended to buy the hats from each other. Strangely Jitterbug was the only one interested in this and basically never touched it again after this picture.

Email and caps some days are mask days, some days are not! I made a little Caps for Sale set out of peg people, I first saw this here and realised I had the materials to do it. Monkeys have ears, do you? Monkeys have tails, do you? If ever any little boy had a tail it should be my Jitterbug, you should see him shake his tail when he dances!

Jitterbug is still working on consistently recognising all of email and caps lowercase letters. Love the look of consternation on his face. Hmmm, where is that one? After we looked at them all I picked up all the lowercase and gave them to him one by one to lay on top of the uppercase letter.

I downloaded some monkey pictures from Wikipedia, we matched them up to a map and talked about how there are monkeys altitiude sickness and diamox over the world. You can download this file herethe images are all from Wikipedia so I believe it is okay to share. We used these floor numbers from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We put them in order first, then I mixed them up and called out numbers for him to find.

Email and caps easy, but fun! And good for Ladybug to play too. I made some cutting strips to go with the unit. Jitterbug cut all of these apart in one sitting!

I printed some more and Ladybug worked on them too. Do-a-dot marker pages for letter Mm, email and caps. We made a monkey in a tree, email and caps. Modified version of this. We pretended we had handlebar moustaches like the peddler. Saw this herethe printable for the moustaches and lips! Skeeterbug continued with his narration activity wearing his moustache. On the table, no less. We ended it all by enjoying some Monkey Pops frozen banana dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles.

There were a few other things we did: Now to get it all into a notebook…hoping to do something like this. Caps for Sale printables Confessions of a Homeschooler: Monkey printables Homeschool Share: Inspiration for Caps for Sale: Caps for Sale Unit Delightful Learning: Caps for Sale Wee Folk Art: Book Nook- Caps for Sale. One of our favorite books of all time. You did SUCH a great job. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, email and caps, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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